About The Show

Missing the Megafauna is an augmented reality installation situated in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show contemplates current climate and painting dilemmas through the lens of the Pleistocene epoch; these include living with extinction and ecological grief, the possibility of rewilding as both conservation and artistic practice, and the promise of Painting – the original Augmented Reality.

In this show, The Met’s works selected for Missing the Megafauna also reveal a parallel narrative of an artist in dialogue with the museum’s collection, offering viewers insight into a painter’s process and engagement with sources of inspiration. The emerging dialogue aims to cultivate the imagination as wilderness preserve and the heart as an environment for rewilding.

To encounter Missing the Megafauna, download the free app Layar. Visit the How It Works page for further details, including the featured paintings and their location in the museum.

Rewilding The Canon